Use Online Proofreading Services and You Will Forget About Undeserved Low Grades

Did you know that 10 typos might turn your proud A into a lackluster C? Seriously. That’s how much it takes for your professor to grade your paper much lower. That’s why proofreading services for students have appeared, and that’s why we recommend you to use our online proofreading service to polish your papers. Proofread online and forget about low grades! Here we will explain you how it all works, including proofreading services rates.

So, how does online proofreading work? Well, there is no magic here. You submit a paper, we find an appropriately qualified proofreader to work on it, and you receive with no mistakes and typos. As easy as that, but how brilliant! All stages of the process are completely transparent and can be tracked. How? Well, after you submit your paper for proofreading online, we will provide you with access to your personal customer area, where you will be able to contact your proofreader and control his work. This proofreader online will make sure there are no silly mistakes in your paper, the ones that might reduce your grade for no valid reason.

The most lucrative proofreading services rates

Now, before you decide that proofreading services are too costly for you, here is what we have to say: our price is below the average rate, that’s why you will be able to proofread as many papers as you need to. Well, not proofread yourself. Order online proofreading services of as many papers as you want.

What does the price depend on? Solely the length of your paper. The more papers there are to proofread, the more expensive it will be. Reasonable, isn’t it?

Why use our proofreading service?

There are multiple reasons why our company can provide supreme proofreading services online. They are:

  1. Quality of work. 100% of mistakes and typos will be identified and corrected.
  2. Timely fulfillment. If you need it by tomorrow noon, we will do it by tomorrow noon. Period.
  3. Confidentiality. We will proofread your paper without asking your ID or other personal information. No questions asked.
  4. Support. Our operators are always ready to give you answers. We work 24/7 and are available to provide any kind of assistance.

There are some other reasons like the responsibility of our specialists, respect to customers, etc. Try yourself and you will feel it.

How to order a proofread service?

Once you decide you are ready to try, here is what you will have to do:

  1. Go to the order page and fill in the form there. Make sure to choose ‘Proofreading’ in the corresponding ‘paper type’ field and attach your paper.
  2. Pay the amount specified for your order
  3. Wait for your paper to be proofread by our specialist and sent via email

Only three steps stand in between you and a perfect paper ready for submission. Is there really something to think about? Order it now!

How do we provide privacy?

Confidentiality of customers is a major concern for our service. We protect it on several levels. First of all, we do not require any personal information when you order. Secondly, we never disclose your information to third parties, as well as limit access to our own employees to handling sensitive data. Finally, we delete everything we can from our system when your order is completed. A part of information is stored to provide you with an accumulative discount when you come back and while stored. It is protected with the cutting-edge security software. This way you can be sure that your info will not get in the wrong hands.

Why can we call ourselves the best proofreading service?

We care. About you, your deadline, your grade and your impression of using our service. One unsatisfied customer is worth a hundred of satisfied clients. It is a well-known truth. We don’t want to make money (well, not only at least). What we do want is help our customers to get better grades and avoid failure because of low concentration and the lack of time to proofread their papers. Our cooperation with you should be useful for both sides. Agree?

If yes, we are already waiting for your order! Proceed to order now and we will find the best proofreader from our team. Yes, that’s right. The best of the best. Our proofreaders are all experienced and skilled professionals, but you can get one who is even better! All you have to do is order right now! Chances are, there is also a nice fat discount waiting for you.